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We Are Joining With Soul-To-Soul Mediumship And Raven coaching to bring you soul talks

Soul Talks holds monthly discussions, classes, and workshops to create a safe place for people to listen to what their souls are trying to tell them.

Participants will explore their purpose and discuss soul matters in an open and inclusive community. In a world of chaos, division, uncertainty, and fear, Soul Talks aims to provide a gathering place for acceptance, self-knowledge, and support.

What is Soul Talks? It’s not a cult, not a click, and not a club. We are not your gramma’s gurus. Soul Talks is it’s own thing, and here are some of our top goals…

1. Build A Community

Many of us are experiencing a spiritual or soul awakening, but it can be difficult to find a place to talk about what we are going through.

Soul Talks is building a community where people from all backgrounds and beliefs can gather to discuss their spiritual journey, ask questions, and build connections.

2. Share Knowledge

The Soul Talks community includes some amazing practitioners like energy healers, mediums, channelers, therapists, and coaches.

Soul Talks classes allow these practitioners to share their craft and allow participants to explore and discover the world of intuitive and light work.

These classes are a great way to learn more about a particular topic or gain skills or certification in a specific practice.

Join us for one of these classes to expand your mind and skillset.

3. Spread Love, Compassion And Acceptance

The world today is filled with chaos, division, uncertainty, and fear. For many of us, traversing these times means looking inward for strength and purpose.

When we do, we feel the pull of something deep inside our core. We struggle to describe it, name it, and draw its shape, but it is there urging us to look for something more, something beyond what we know, something beyond ourselves.

Soul Talks is working to foster unity and raise the vibration of the planet.

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Gaby Milan


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Reiki Master

Shannon Wilson


Psychic Medium

Victoria Revenscroft


Healer, channeler, coach


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I went in to do a life coaching and a hypnotherapy session to help my business launch so that I can have time and freedom and to be a stay at home mom, my dream! I feel like I can talk to anyone now, without getting scared.

Her coaching was awesome because she wasn’t telling me “do this or do that”, she helped ME look within myself and come up with a game plan that was right for ME! I can’t wait to go back and see how the different areas of my life have improved since!

I can tell you that it was amazing to see what my subconscious struggles and the opportunities it sees!

Andrea Guindon

I have known Gaby for many years and she always had that passion to help others.

I am impressed with the person she has become and the quality of her work. She has helped so much in many areas of my life.

I love our coaching sessions because she makes me see things differently.

I think everyone needs a life coach and Gaby is the best and also great at hypnosis and Reiki is so relaxing.

Jennifer Langford

Gabriela was very sweet in her approach as I came to the session, made me feel very comfortable and was very professional.

She was kind and communicated thoroughly, she answered all my questions about what to expect from a past life regression and the room, music and her voice were so relaxing.

She is a great professional and caring hypnotherapist.

Jazmin Martinez

Salt Lake Elevated

I am very grateful for Gaby and her work because the great benefits that is bringing to my life and my family.

I have become a better person in every aspect of my life. She is amazing and I totally recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward.

I also loved the hypnotherapy sessions with her. Thank you Gaby!

Val Samaniego

Gabriela made me feel so relaxed and comfortable during the hypnotherapy and Reiki session.

I felt my body tingling and a great energy flowing thru my body. I also liked her coaching exercise about how balanced my life is and which areas I can improve.

I loved our time together and I will come for more.

Samantha Erickson

My experience with Gaby was very comfortable. She was very welcoming and open. I felt her great energy in her space and it made me feel at ease. She made sure I knew what to expect from my past life regression. I was relaxed and was able to enter the hypnosis state easily. I will continue with her for more sessions in the future.

Crystal Martinez

Salt Lake Elevated

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