Why Life Coaching?

Have you ever felt LOST or STUCK at some point in your life? Are you feeling like that NOW? You are not alone because most people do, they know where they stand and they are aware of where they hope to be, but seem to be trapped someplace in the middle with no idea of how to move forward. Unfortunately, not everyone is trained, insightful, or objective enough to offer the best advice, this is when a Life Coach can be the BEST investment of your life.
Life Coaching is RIGHT for you if you are READY and WILLING to make the changes inside and out to become the best YOU.

Life Coaching with me is an ongoing partnership in which YOU deepen your awareness, improve your performance, overcome obstacles, and ENHANCE the quality of your WONDERFUL LIFE.
Each person holds the answers and solutions they seek within themselves.

Are you ready to transform?

What is divine guidance life coaching?

As an INTUITIVE Life Coach with Divine Guidance COUNSELOR I am here at your side, never above or below and its my purpose to focus on all the dimensions of your mind, your spirit, and your soul as I help you live mindfully ,awaken the deepest levels of your consciousness to create and TRANSFORM your life with the clarity you need in each step and find your own WINSDOM.
Once you BELIEVE again in the power and LOVE within you are limitless and your light just shines.
“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give permission to others to do the same ” Nelson Mandela


Stress Management * Smoke Cessation * Past Life Regressions * Fears And Phobias * Goal Setting

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is RIGHT for you if you are READY and WILLING to make the changes inside and out to become the best YOU.


A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit


Learn Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing, Dance and More!

Work with Me Because...

  • I will always honor your sacredness and hold your confidence.
  • Respect for your perceptions of the world and unconditional support.
  • I delight in the art of listening, curiosity, asking questions and self discovery.
  • I encourage you to be who you are and become the best version of yourself.
  • I practice and teach self love.


Beyond impressed! I’ve been searching for a Life Coach in multiple venues for the past few weeks. After reading the bios, I was very interested in Om Wellness and Hollistic Center. Left a message and assumed I would be contacted in the am. Gaby txted me immediately. We made an appointment for today.
Walking in, the Center is beautiful and evokes such a sense of serenity. Gaby met me and was so warm and welcoming. Her office is an oasis of calm. Chatting with her is easy, her intuitive responses where chilling. She asked all of the thought provoking questions that lead me to see the connections that I failed to see on my own.
I walked in feeling disconnected and rather lost with the transition of a state move and leaving my career, friends and family. Within our session, I saw the clarity of my sadness and processed through the next steps needed to connect with my passion!
Leaving feeling so excited and with a new sense of purpose!
Gabby is a gift! Highly recommend!

Kerri D.

Gabby is beyond amazing! She has a sweet spirit and has knowledge with techniques to help in life to not just live life from paycheck to paycheck but a life with meaning and purpose which is more exhilarating. Best decision I ever made, changed my life!

Holly D.

I have had an exceptionally positive experience with Gaby. She has excellent qualifications, provides well organized, professional guidance and I feel is truly invested in my progress. I’m about half way through my package of sessions and already feel like my time spent is very well worth it. I have recommended her to a member of my family and several friends. Be prepared to do your homework!

Laurie S.

Gaby has been an exceptional coach in several aspects of my life. She has helped tremendously and can’t express how my life has improved. Gaby has a natural talent to help people and I always look forward to meet up with her to discuss my areas of development. Out of all the professionals I’ve seen Gaby has been the only one that has generated a real change in me.

Alicia O.


Gabriela has been so wonderful to work with. I really value and appreciate the feminine bond we’ve connected over. I love to “bounce” ideas off of her and get her opinion and guidance when I’m feeling lost and frustrated. Highly recommended!
Lindsey L.


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