Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Level 1 and 2

This class is perfect for YOU if:

*You’re interested in Reiki, and would love to know all about it.

*You want to treat family and friends with Reiki or open your private Reiki Practice.

*Would love to learn how to send distant reiki, which is just as effective as performing an in-person treatment!

*You’d love to spend a life-changing weekend that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

This class combines lecture, discussion, an attunement for each level, meditations and plenty of hands on practice in a well-organized, but relaxed program.

In Level I you will learn:

*What Reiki is, how it heals, and how you can apply it in your everyday life.
*History of Reiki, backed up by verifiable facts and information.
*Level one attunement placement.
*Healing the aura with a Japanese technique called Byosen scanning.
*How to give yourself, and others, a complete Reiki treatment
*Traditional Japanese Usui Kenyoku technique to strengthen your own energy, and to disconnect from energy that is not yours.
*Introduction to Chakras and the Aura
*Healing group meditation, to release what no longer serves you.

In Level II you will learn:

*3 Powerful Reiki II Symbols!  You will learn what each individual symbol means and what each symbol can be used for in your day to day life, as well as how to give yourself and others, a full Reiki treatment using these powerful symbols.
*How to use the Reiki II symbols when giving a treatment on yourself and others.
*Japanese technique that utilizes the breath in combination with the Reiki symbols for healing, as well as crystal cleansing.
*Gyoshi-ho for expanding your ability to channnel Reiki energy.
*How to give a long distance Reiki treatment specifically using the 3rd symbol.
*Information on opening a Reiki practice, (only if you feel guided to. This class is for you, whether you plan on opening a Reiki practice, or not.)  How to document treatments given and how to discuss with clients, patients, friends, even strangers, what the healing benefits of Reiki are and how it works.*Healing Reiki Level 2 Attunement Placement, which empowers the use of the three  Reiki Level 2 symbols.

 * Our classes are smaller as is much more student-friendly this way. Instead of packing as many students as we can into our space, only 8 students are accepted into each class in order to provide sufficient time for all questions, and hands-on practice.

  • You can also learn Reiki 1, 2 and Reiki Master Level privately any time and in the comfortable space created between you and your teacher.

Tuition This course will qualify you to open your own Reiki practice if you desire, and the tuition is a  $399 investment for this two-day course.    A payment plan of a non-refundable $100 deposit is available upon request. Simply select this option at checkout when signing up for the class. Deposit is requiered and non-refundable

Class Schedule – 10am to 6:30pm, both Saturdays. Classes do tend to go a little bit past 6:30pm, so please plan for this.  ( times and days can vary )

Lunch A one-hour lunch break is given at approximately 12:45pm. We have many restaurants and natural health food stores within 5 minutes driving distance.

Dress Casual, comfy, and warm. Also, please wear warm socks as no shoes are worn in our classroom.

Feel free to bring blankets, pillows, snacks and drinks for yourself or to share with others.

If you are taking this class privately the times and days for the class can be arranged and are flexible to your own needs or wants and my availability.

To arrange a private Reiki Class please contact me by email or phone to 801 604 3767

Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master Level

This class is for YOU if

­*Are a Usui Reiki level 2 practitioner for at least 4 months, and are ready to take the next step to Reiki mastery.

*You are already a Usui Reiki Master and would like to refresh your knowledge and skills, as well as greatly enhance your Reiki training.

Day 1:  Advanced Reiki Training (ART)

*160 page class manual to take home

*Receive the Healing in the River of Life placement/ attunement which raises your vibrational frequency, and your existing Reiki energy.

*Placement/Attunement for the Usui Master symbol, which increases the effectiveness of your  Reiki 2 symbols, and strengthens your intuitive awareness of Divine guidance. You will learn all about this symbol, and the powerful effects it will add to your Reiki sessions. This will be a total of 4 symbols you will have in your Reiki tool belt after this attunement.

*Learn to create a special Reiki crystal grid, which continuously sends Reiki energy for specific purpose, and to numerous people at the same time. We will also learn this same technique using a single crystal. Crystals and grid are included in your tuition!

*Learn and practice Advanced Reiki techniques to refine and amplify your Reiki sessions. These techniques will also help facilitate goals, and to learn spiritual lessons.

*Holy love pre-ignition and experience/meditation  in which Divine love is placed into your heart.

Days 2 and 3:  Reiki Master and Teacher Training:

*Reiki 3 complete Usui/Holy Fire Master Ignition. This will attune you to the Holy Fire symbol, which will then be a total of 5 Reiki symbols learned  and attuned to.

*Practice and Instructions on how to give complete Reiki placements/attunements for Reiki 1 and 2, Reiki ART, and the ignition for Reiki Master.

*Learn and practice The Reiki Healing placement/attunement  that can be given to anyone . This does not attune the person to reiki, but directs the powerful cleansing energies of Reiki placements/attunements to help heal at a deeper level.

* Learn how to teach an effective Reiki class. (A goal of teaching is not required to take this class! Many people take this class solely for their own spiritual advancement with Reiki.)

*The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki master.

* Get your Reiki Master Teacher certification that allows you to be your own independent Reiki Master Teacher, open your Private Practice and teach others.

Tuition – The International Center For Reiki Training’s set price for this class is  $1025, but I am offering this class at $867 with discounts up to $100 for early deposits or private classes.

Deposit $150 down must be received and it is non-refundable.

Class Schedule  10am to 6:30pm., 3 days ( Times and days can vary )

Lunch A one-hour lunch break is given anywhere between 12-1.

Dress – Casual, comfy, and warm. Please wear warm socks as we do not wear shoes in the classroom.

For questions about registration or regarding the classes please contact me at gm@amorhealingplace.com or 801 6043767

Reiki for Children and Teens-  ( $85 – $180 ) This class is available and it varies according to the amount of interested students, their ages and experiences.

Please contact me for any further questions.

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Stress Management * Smoke Cessation * Past Life Regressions * Fears And Phobias * Goal Setting


Life Coaching

Life Coaching is RIGHT for you if you are READY and WILLING to make the changes inside and out to become the best YOU.


A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit


Learn Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing, Dance and More!
The divine light in me acknowledges the divine light in you

I will always honor your sacredness and hold space

  • Respect for your perceptions of the world and unconditional support.
  • I delight in the art of listening, curiosity, asking questions and self discovery.
  • I encourage you to be who you are and become the best version of yourself.
  • I practice and teach self love.

My Mission

To Inspire everyone to remember their true divinity and discover that together we can transform the world with compassion, light, peace and LOVE. –


I went in to do a life coaching and a hypnotherapy session to help my business launch so that I can have time and freedom and to be a stay at home mom, my dream! I feel like I can talk to anyone now, without getting scared. Her coaching was awesome because she wasn’t telling me “do this or do that”, she helped ME look within myself and come up with a game plan that was right for ME! I can’t wait to go back and see how the different areas of my life have improved since! I can tell you that it was amazing to see what my subconscious struggles and the opportunities it sees!

Andrea Guindon.

I am very grateful for Gaby and her work because the great benefits that is bringing to my life and my family. I have become a better person in every aspect of my life. She is amazing and I totally recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward. I also loved the hypnotherapy sessions with her. Thank you Gaby!

Val Samaniego

I have known Gaby for many years and she always had that passion to help others. I am impressed with the person she has become and the quality of her work. She has helped so much in many areas of my life. I love our coaching sessions because she makes me see things differently. I think everyone needs a life coach and Gaby is the best and also great at hypnosis and Reiki is so relaxing.

Jennifer Langford

Gabriela made me feel so relaxed and comfortable during the hypnotherapy and Reiki session. I felt my body tingling and a great energy flowing thru my body. I also liked her coaching exercise about how balanced my life is and which areas I can improve. I loved our time together and I will come for more.

Samantha Erickson

Gabriela was very sweet in her approach as I came to the session, made me feel very comfortable and was very professional. She was kind and communicated thoroughly, she answered all my questions about what to expect from a past life regression and the room, music and her voice were so relaxing. She is a great professional and caring hypnotherapist.

Jazmin Martinez, Salt Lake Elevated.

My experience with Gaby was very comfortable. She was very welcoming and open. I felt her great energy in her space and it made me feel at ease. She made sure I knew what to expect from my past life regression. I was relaxed and was able to enter the hypnosis state easily. I will continue with her for more sessions in the future.

Crystal Martinez, Salt Lake Elevated.

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